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 Microfin360 - Microfin360

Software as a Service


Safer in the Cloud

Organizations using Microfin360 enjoy all the benefits of storing their data online: it's automatically backed up in multiple physical locations, it's protected with SSL(Security Sockets Layer) encryption and secured from intruders with multi-factor authentication.

Microfin360 provides the latest full technology stack to prevent and deal with hardware failures & viruses so that businesses can always rest knowing their information is available. Being online also prevents the main cause of data loss: physical theft of hardware, office break-ins or unexpected disasters.

Microfin360 is powered by a global and proven infrastructure that few organizations could provide for themselves, giving you enterprise level security at incredible prices. With Microfin360 you're working and bulding on top of countless money and man-hours invested in providing a world-class secure and reliable architecture.


Globally Redundant

Nothing is more critical than keeping your data safe, secure and always available. At Microfin360 data is automatically synchronized on multiple datacentres in different locations and backed up daily. Databases are automatically managed in a standby replica in a different independent infrastructure in a physically separate location - usually in another part of the country.

Likewise all application requests are handled on multiple servers in parallel – with new ones automatically being created and removed as needed without any impact on usage. Together, this creates a platform with very high application availability, few outages, seamless maintenance and secure data storage. 


Scalable Infrastructure

Microfin360 enables institutions to forget the challenges of purchasing hardware for rare peak times, investing in software and security stacks as well as the teams and expertise needed to run these services reliably and continuously to ensure no interruption to business.

Microfin360 allows unlimited scalability from users to clients, from transactions to data. It's always available anytime, from anywhere and ready to meet the changing needs from today to years from now by being a flexible, scalable infrastructure.

Low Risk & Costs

Traditional internal infrastructure came with many hidden up-front and long term costs. Software licenses, middleware, hardware, networking, off-site databases, expert IT staff, software contracts, hardware upgrades and replacements all needed to be factored into the business. Each implied taking on the large risks of system or hardware failure, physical theft, as well as large investments in rapidly changing technology limiting the flexibility of operations.

Microfin360 simply requires a subscription to our services and internet access. The entire infrastructure and scalability are managed by us allowing organizations to focus on their core business and not on IT.


Nothing to Manage

Avoid wasting IT time and resources on complex implementation processes. Because it’s in the cloud, Microfin360 rolls out immediately with minimal setup so employees can get started right away. There's no hardware or software to install, servers to secure, data centres to protect or costly and expensive infastructure to maintain.

Microfin360 takes care of providing the infrastructure organizations need from the servers and databases, to the backups, maintenance upgrades and hardware. All users have to do is to go online, from anywhere, and use the tools needed to provide financial services.

Rapid User Adoption

Microfin360's user-friendly interface and intuitive design makes it easy for new users to start working right away with very little training required. 

Designed by a team of usability experts, Microfin360 is an easy-to-use solution which focuses on usability without compromising on features, power or flexibility. This allows staff to become productive extremely quickly, collaborate and enjoy the experience of focusing on clients rather than technology. Best of all, with Microfin360 working on all desktops, tablets or mobile phones, users can access it from anywhere at anytime.


Anytime, Anywhere

With remote clients, an organization's information about them shouldn’t be isolated in offices and branches. Microfin360 works on any desktop, laptop, netbook, tablets and mobile phones so it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Optimized for low-bandwith connections, field officers can stay in the field and be always up to date with live information about clients, accounts, problems and opportunities.

Since everything is connected to our online platform all communications are secure, synchronized and available real-time from wherever it needs to be accessed without the concerns of losing private data on devices.


Shared Vision

Microfin360 was designed in close collaboration with microfinance and other financial institutions around the globe by first understanding their challenges and opportunities and then building a new solution which supports their existing processes and enables them to take advantage of new opportunities in their markets. You can learn more about our story here.

Microfin360 shares the vision of our customers and partners in extending affordable financial services in emerging markets and we support our customers and partners in leveraging our platform to accomplish their goals.

Simple & Usable

Microfin369's take on support is simple: if you need support because you can't figure it out, we are probably doing something wrong.

Whether it's designing the workflow of loan approval, laying out a form, or even just choosing the colours and icons for buttons, design and usability are at the forefront of how we create Microfin360 to keep it simple and usable for everyone from the start.

Always Available

If you have any questions we want to resolve them as quickly as needed, so being approachable on multiple channels is part of the Microfin360 experience.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support team is quickly answering all emails in many languages and has higher level SLA and support agreements when needed.

Partner Network

Microfin360 is building a global network of partnerships with organizations we trust. Partners can assist in data migration, training and support in person and in local languages. They can also provide integrated solutions to take advantage of new opportunities in local markets such as mobile money, credit scoring and POS(Point of Sale) devices.


Powerful Platform

Our team has worked hard to create the world's best financial engine online so you don't have to. With a full set of REST APIs(Application Programming Interface), developers can quickly and easily integrate any financial institutions using Microfin360 with their local ecosystem. Developers can also build applications which integrate seamlessly into the interface to expand the core functionality or deliver additional services to financial institutions.